Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Treats! Awesome!

 This is my daughter Jo, with her cat Sammy. Shie is at the Foxgrove Veterinary Centre in Beckenham for Sammy's regular checkup. He had all his blood tests and was given a clean bill of health.

 Outside in the car park there was this Animal Ambulance. What a brilliant idea, notice the services that are advertised. Pet Transport, Dog Holidays, Cat Care, Pet Feeding - and their website:

The address of the Vets, which has a 24hr Emergency Service, is:
8 Foxgrove Road,

 Of course when we had dropped Sammy back home, we decided it was time for our treat. First we called at Deli Nene, straight across from the Church of St George on Beckenham high street, where we were really indulgent. See the apple meringue pie below - I polished off the whole piece.

We thought it might be a good idea to do a quiche and carrot cake crawl, maybe next weekend. Yummy, yummy!

I think I could live here
After that we had a look in the lovely art gallery shop, Gallery Seventeen, where I particularly liked the pictures of Anna Pugh, Anna Pugh was born in 1938, her paintings show commonplace events in a slightly surreal way. Anna is exclusively represented by Lucy B Campbell Gallery, London.
And after that I went home to practice the hymns for Church on Sunday. I played two of the five hymns and the Trumpet March as an exit piece. I shall be playing again next week, and the week after I shall play for the whole service while Mary, the organist has a Sunday off. Scary or wot!

My weekend was made complete when Jo and Jack came to collect me and take me to the cinema. We went to see the latest Star Trek movie - very entertaining. I finished the day with a bowl of hot stew (without the meat) and a few grapes whilst watching the BAFTA awards on TV. What a great weekend.

Talk some more later. And remember, i'm pretty awesome!

Love and hugs, Jane x

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