Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Strange Route to the Fish Shop

 It's 12 o'clock, the arm has reached the yard, and Jo and I are in the Jolly Woodman, Beckenham. We have a laugh about things that have gone on in the week, drink a decent amount of Friday afternoon cider, and help it down with a wholesome sandwich.

It's a sunny day so we relocate to the beer garden at the back of the pub, and while away the afternoon, laughing and giggling, as now the cider has reached the spot.

Finally we agree it is time to leave. I say I think I'll pick a fish up, at the fish and chip shop, for tea. I've got those cider munchies. We prepare to up and go, when right at that moment my phone rings.

Pauline, my friend from the north,  has come to London on the train, her son has booked her in to a hotel which she says she cannot stay in because it has no en suite, and is totally unsuitable. She's in a bit of a state, and asks if she can come to stay with me. 'Of course you can,' I say, wobbling slightly as a exit the pub, feeling the fish I'd almost hooked slipping away from me. 'But I don't know how to find you,' she says. 'Get in a taxi,' I tell her, 'and go to King's Cross station. I'll hop on a train and come for you.'

And so another little adventure begins. Jo puts me on the train, I have half an hour or so to sober up, and I set off for London. It's not the rush hour so I make it in good time. I find my friend sitting on bench in the station, looking very forlorn, with her small overnight case. We go to the ticket office, buy a ticket and head back to Beckenham. Still craving that fish, I suggest we call at the fish and chip shop to save cooking etc. And that is exactly what we do. I listen to my friend's sad story over a lovely piece of cod and a nice cup of tea. You do never know what the day will bring, do you?

A morsel to put us on

Supplies at the ready
One minute I'm in the Jolly Woodman

And the next I'm on Beckenham station 

Change trains at Herne Hill

Find my friend

And head for the fish and chip shop

Have a good weekend wherever you may be, and whatever you may be doing. Me, I'm going to see Pauline safely back to London where she will attend her son's graduation ceremony. Then I shall accompany my daughter to the vet with her cat Sammy for his regular checkup, he's a diabetic cat. And then (sigh), I shall, hopefully, have time to play a little cello music. Bye bye for now.

Love Jane x

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