Monday, May 27, 2013

80th Birthday Parties - Bring 'em on!

 There is never a dull moment, as they say. On Friday I was in the Glades shopping center in Beckenham, when I happened upon a fashion show.  It was a lively affair, but it still did not help me find what I was looking for. In fact, after trawling the shops until they were closing up for the night, I came home with a tube of toothpaste and a bottle of water. Jo said that she had forgotten how horrible it was to go shopping with me, a totally unjustified comment, I thought. But there you are, I suppose I shall be going alone next time. I thoroughly enjoyed my day out.
 Next on my weekend agenda, was Mary's birthday party. It was a most enjoyable event, held at a place called Chom Chom, in Beckenham. There were 15 of us, but there were lots of other parties going on at the same time and the atmosphere was buzzing. As for the food, it was scrumptious, I can't wait to go back there.

 Look how much we are all enjoying ourselves. My new friends are real party animals!

 See the Birthday Girl below, that's her with her gorgeous grandson, he is a real charmer, an actor no less.

 And see the man with his head in his hands, opposite, he's an accountant, I wonder what he is pondering. He was probably wondering if he had room for yet another bowl of ice cream.

And the next day, Sunday, Mary had the day off playing the organ at church, and I took over for the whole of the service. I went home after the party, put my headphones on, and practiced the hymns until I was confident that I could play them. Of course all went well, and after church I went along to see Jo (Jack away for the weekend), and we went to Tesco supermarket. I didn't have to shop alone in the end. Daughter's are such beautiful people!

I think I am getting used to being a pensioner. Today, Monday, is a Bank Holiday. It has been a lovely sunny day, but I decided to stay home and relax a bit - not that I have, really. Two hour's cello practice, sorted out the washing, made a vegetable stew, and spent a bit of time reading, that sort of thing. Tonight I shall settle down in front of the TV and watch a program about the Queen and her horses.

Well, I hope you have had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. I have another busy week ahead, unexpected meetings to attend and lovely people to visit. I'll let you know all about it. Take care dear readers, and remember, life is for living - go to it!

Love Jane x

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