Friday, November 23, 2012

Freedom Pass - Free Specs!

This is my new blog. I have relocated to Beckenham, Kent, which is really in the London Borough of Bromley, and I am loving it.

I am going to call this blog 'Freedom' because today I used my senior citizen's 'Freedom Pass' for the first time. What a fantastic feeling it was to swipe the yellow button on the bus, hear the ping, and know that it was not going to cost me a bean. It worked on the way back too. I will be able to travel on the bus or the train anywhere in the London area, for free.

I also went to have my eyes tested at Boots the Chemist, where I was offered a free eye test, and the option of free glasses, or a discount off more expensive ones. I will go back on Monday to chose because the kind lady in the shop advised me that they were having a refit over the weekend, and there will be a bigger choice on Monday.

I am happy to take advantage of all the concessions that are available now that I am a pensioner, but it won't stop me singing. I have joined the Rock Choir in Bromley, and it's a great evening out.

Writing, poetry, music, family life - it's a vision that is turning into reality.

Today has been a fantastic start to the rest of my life. The start of a new adventure as A Pensioner in Britain.

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